Science Students' Council

Past Councils

It's a blast from the past! Scroll through the history of Science Students' Council



Frank Ye (President), Alexandra Ly (VP Communications), Montana Hackett (VP Academic), Ayma Aqib (VP Finance), Bahar Enterazi (VP Events), Seth Kibel (Research & Policy Commissioner), Rishika Geda (Advocacy Commissioner), Kevin Zhang (Student Support Commissioner), Nareesa Karmali (Events Commissioner), Zachary Barkhouse (Events Commissioner), Hasan Ahmed (Services Commissioner), Victoria Forcina (Charity Commissioner), Anas Eid (Charity Commissioner), Sharon Birdi (Secretary), Karnig Kazazian (Internal Affairs Officer), Jermiah Joseph (Communications-at-Large Commissioner), Tristan Tsvetanov (Director of Videography), Michael Lambert (Director of Photography), Adeel Sheikh (Internet Commissioner), Aileen Liang (Editor-In-Chief of the Current), Manraj Khurana (Speaker), Victoria Barroso (USC Councillor), Teodora Marginean (USC Councillor), Eric Sun (USC Councillor), Beth Adair (USC Councillor), Peter Denezis (USC Councillor), Cheryl Fernandes (USC Councillor), Elliot Polster (USC Councillor), Shamez Kachra (Orientation Commissioner), Parker Thomlinson (Science Senator), Daniel Olteanu (Science Senator), Monica Rupik (Actuarial Sci/ Statistics/ Financial Modelling rep), Keelan Kells (Earth Sci rep), Devanshi Shukla (Integrated Science rep), Mark Grinberg (Neuroscience rep), Sean Huggins (Physics & Astronomy rep), Andrea Wang (Anatomy and Cell Bio/Path rep), Matthew DiNunzio (Phys/Pharm rep), Riley Young (IMS/ Epidemology/ Biophysics rep), Dan Sequeira (IMS/ Epidemology/ Biophysics rep), Max Jiang (2nd Med Sci / Biology rep), Hans Lin (2nd Med Sci / Biology rep), Babafemi Adewusi (2nd Med Sci / Biology rep), Amar Venga (Applied Math / Math rep), Natasha Mathew (Enviro Sci rep), Evina Kapur (Upper Year Chem rep), Elyse Hudson (2nd Year Chem rep), Savio Joseph (Comp Sci rep), Rachel Lacroix (Upper Year Bio rep), Suvarna Moharir (Upper Year Bio rep)



Danny Chang (President), Gladys Ng (VP Communications), Alina Pinsky (VP Student Events), Matt Yip (VP Academic), Andriy Katyukha (VP Finance), Brandon Lieng (Internal Affairs Officer), Delaram Shojaei (Speaker), Merlin Thomas (Secretary), Alexandra Ly (Communications-at-Large), Ryan Wong (Director of Photography), Stephanie Philpott (The Current Editor-in-Chief), Pablo Patino (SciWiki Commissioner), Bahar Entezari (Events Commissioner), Nareesa Karmali (Events Commissioner), Haesoo Kim (Student Support Commissioner), Marc Lawrence (Charity Commissioner), Suvarna Moharir (Charity Commissioner), Jacob Ferguson (Research & Policy Commissioner),Mary Yao (Advocacy Commissioner),Ayma Aqib (Student Services Commissioner), Alex Lowes (Orientation Commisioner), Leah Cabral (Internet Commissioner), Kwesi Asantey (Physiology/Pharmacology Representative), Devanshi Shukla (Integrated Science Representative), Firmino Goncalves (2nd Year Medical Science/Biology Representative), Caleb Ajao (2nd Year Medical Science/Biology Representative), Dan Sequeira (2nd Year Medical Science/Biology Representative), Montana Hackett (Biochemistry/Microbiology Representative), Elliot Polster (IMS/Epidemiology/Medical Biophysics Rep), Olivia Ghosh (IMS/Epidemiology/Medical Biophysics Rep), Savio Joseph (Computer Science Representative), Peter Gariscsak (Neuroscience Representative), Madhu Gunasingam (Mathematics Representative), Michelle Wang (Stats/ActSci/FinMod Representative), Delaney Schofer (Upper Year Biology Representative), Ziad Sabaa-Ayoun (Upper Year Biology Representative), Cynthia Muli (Upper Year Biology Representative), Stella Liu (Physics Representative), Madison Phanthavong (Upper Year Chemistry Representative), Rachel Litvin (2nd Year Chemistry Representative), Jonathan Abbruzzese (Environmental Science Representative), William He (Anatomy & Cell Bio/Pathology Representative), Ryann Keen (Earth Science Representative), Yuxuan Max Jiang (First Year Representative), Edward Mark Umali (First Year Representative), Teodora Marginean (First Year Representative), Husna Doudi (First Year Representative), Parker Thomlinson (First Year Representative), Kelvin Zhou (Science Senator), Jake Wihlidal (Science Senator), Courtney Hardy (Schulich Senator), Graeden Middel (USC Science Councillor), Grace Zhu (USC Science Councillor), Rakshith Gangireddy (USC Science Councillor), Ankush Vij (USC Science Councillor), Victoria Barroso (USC Science Councillor), Frank Ye (USC Science Councillor), Julia Gordon (USC Science Councillor)



Noor Shakfa (President), Ghania Sohail (VP Student Events), Yesh Rai (VP Communications), Victoria Lee-Kim (VP Academic), Adam Pillon (VP Finance), Jacob Wihlidal (Speaker), Jose Garcia (Internal Affairs Officer), Grace Zhu (Secretary), Jacob Ferguson (Advocacy Commissioner), Olivia Hough (Orientation Commissioner), Laura Redondo (Charity Commissioner), Kaitlin Endres (Charity Commissioner), Nicole Holman (Student Support Commissioner), Page Forron (Student Events-at-Large Commissioner), Alina Pinsky (Student Events-at-Large Commissioner), Andriy Katyukha (Services Commissioner), Nicholas Elder (Communications-at-Large Commissioner), Bethia To (The Current Editor-in-Chief), Samveg Shah (Internet Commissioner), Michael Lambert (Director of Photography), Matthew Novello (SciWiki Commissioner), Aniket Bhatt (Science Senator), Courtney Hardy (Science Senator), Hirad Zafari (Medical Sciences Senator), Yousuf Ahmed (USC Councillor), Danny Chang (USC Councillor), Sean Cousins (USC Councillor), Dorothy Kawa (USC Councillor), Cori Lau (USC Councillor), Jack Whelan (USC Councillor), Matthew Yip (USC Councillor), Supriya Behl (Upper Year Biology Rep), Cynthia Muli (Upper Year Biology Rep), Shivani Sharma (Upper Year Biology Rep), Nathan Kennedy (Second Year Chemistry Rep), Michaela Fernandes (Upper Year Chemistry Rep), Andre (Computer Science Rep), Kiana Moore (Earth Science Rep), Assem Gogne (Environmental Science Rep), Connor Beard (Applied Math/Math Rep), Samir Chadha (Second Year Medical Science/Biology Rep), Jessica Li (Second Year Medical Science/Biology Rep), Elliot Polster (Second Year Medical Science/Biology Rep), Jordan Broberg (IMS/Epidemiology/Medical Biophysics Rep), Craig Rodrigues (IMS/Epidemiology/Medical Biophysics Rep), Corey Fletcher (Physiology/Pharmacology Rep), Matthew Arora (Microbiology/Biochemistry Rep), Jeyanth Inkaran (Anatomy and Cell Biology/Pathology Rep), Thao Le (Stats/Actuarial Science/Financial Modelling Rep), Hannah Kis (Neuroscience Rep), Nicole Barucha (Physics Rep), Graeden Middel (First Year Rep), Dan Sequeira (First Year Rep), Victoria Barroso (First Year Rep), Caleb Ajao (First Year Rep), Dylan McFaddeb (First Year Rep)