Department clubs

Looking for more opportunities to get involved within the Faculty of Science? Well look no more! Find out how you can become a part of the amazing organizations below.


Actuarial & Statistical Undergraduate Association (ASUA)

ASUA is the official organization for actuarial science and statistics students. We host a ton of fun events including a professor meet and greet, dinners, bowling, and our annual Christmas party. Each year we go as a club to the ASNA convention, held in Ottawa this year. ASUA also runs a mentorship program to pair first and second year students with upper years for advice and support!

President: Mikayla Skoczny

AIMSS Logo.png

Association of Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences Students (AIMSS)

The Association of Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences Students (AIMSS) is a collaborative initiative between IMS students and Schulich Faculty. With IMS being the largest medical science module at Western, AIMSS strives to provide guidance, resources, and programming for students in the module. Join our team and/or attend our events for the opportunity to connect and work with Western Schulich Faculty to help create the best student experience!

President: Seth Kadish



BMSA is the student association at the helm of the BMSc program. With an affiliation to Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry and the BMSc guidance counsellors, Joan and Kathy, we use our arsenal of resources to facilitate the process of students seeking opportunities in the London community and beyond. From Research and volunteer positions to providing academic resources which help a student organize their academic path, BMSA is here to help!

President: Chinmay Patel


Biology Undergraduate Society (BUGS)

BUGS is one of the largest student-run, department backed organizations at Western University. Our main goal is to bridge the gap between students and the biology faculty. From information sessions and MCAT prep discounts, to professor meet-and-greet events and leadership opportunities, BUGS will help you get the best experience as an undergraduate science student at Western!

Presidents: Gabrielle Hatten ( and Ashlee Hogan (

Available Positions: General and Committee Members (Committee applications available Sept 9-22)


Biophysics Network of Students (BONeS)

Biophysics Network of Students (BONeS) is the undergraduate council for the Medical Biophysics Department. Comprising of students from Years 1 through 4, we work closely with the department's faculty to plan social events for students, maintain an active relationship between students and faculty, and work to improve the overall student experience of Medical Biophysics undergraduate students.

Presidents: Jake Valsamis ( and Lucy Xu (


Chemistry Club

Chemistry Club is a group of individuals passionate about Chemistry! Students enrolled in the Department of Chemistry are automatically club members but we don’t only consist of chemistry students. We are also students from Medical Sciences, Health Sciences, and even Ivey. Our goal is to bring together enthusiastic people through fun chemistry related events for our members and for the Chemistry department at large.

President: Evie Kapur


Computer Science Undergraduate Society

The Computer Science Undergraduate Society (CSUS) is an organization that represents all computer science students at Western University. As the oldest and most established computer science organization on campus, CSUS is run by students and for students. We work closely with the Department of Computer Science to promote computer science as an academic discipline, to connect students to related university services, and to provide methods of networking between students, faculty, and employers.

President: Léo Vassiliou (


Environmental Science Association (ESA)

The Environmental Science Association is a club for both students enrolled in the program as well as anyone with an interest in saving the environment. We are a group of passionate students who strive to make a difference on campus and in the London area. Join us in various events and socials we will hosting throughout the year such as tree planting, school-wide initiatives and other fun activities. Looking forward to a great year ahead of us!

President: Kristyn Ing ( and Chiara DiGiuseppe (
Available Position(s): General Member, First Year Representative


Math Club at Western (MaCAW)

Math Club at Western (MaCAW) is the undergraduate math club at Western. We hold a number of academic events (such as pizza seminars, math contests, and problem-solving sessions) and social events (such as board games nights and movie nights) over the course of the year. Get involved with MaCAW to meet fellow math students and math enthusiasts! Open to all students.

President: Emma Tetelbaum ( and Natnaiel Mulugeta (


Microbiology and Immunology Student Association (MISA)

The Microbiology and Immunology Student Association (MISA) focuses on enhancing the expirence of students intrested in this exciting field. MISA runs many events including professor meet and greets, fundraisers, socials and more. Newcomers are welcome, we would be happy to introduce you to the amazing department of Microbology and Immunology!

Presidents: Kevin Min


OUtcrop Club

The Outcrop Club is an Earth Science departmental club that is dedicated to enhancing the student experience. We host a variety of events in order to bring the Earth Science community together through rock and bake sales, trivia and game nights, halloween and Christmas gatherings, study nights, and our annual Geoball formal! We are also focused on peer mentorship to help incoming students fit into the earth science family through our help centre where they can seek advice on courses and student experiences! Join us in our events to meet down to earth people, have fun and rock on!

President: Hanna Rzyszczak (

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Physics and Astronomy Student's Association (PASA)

The Physics & Astronomy Students' Association (PASA) is the official students' association for undergraduates in the Physics & Astronomy faculty. We host a variety of fun social events, and some of our signature events are the Wave Function and the annual PhUnC conference. PASA also hosts the Physics Help Centre available to all students.

President: Athy Ar (




Western Undergraduate Genetics Association (UGA)

UGA is proud to be Western University's first genetics-oriented club. Our goal is to spark an undergraduate interest in the field of genetics and provide career-boosting initiatives for all science students across campus. We aim to do this by keeping our finger on the pulse of current science research and news, by creating a network of students to assist one another in undergraduate genetics courses, and by connecting all members pursuing a BSc. with real-world applications and career-advancing opportunities.

President: Tommy Davies


Western Biochemistry Club

Western Biochemistry Club is an organization for all students interested in Biochemistry. We provide many formal and informal opportunities to learn more about this exciting field and connect with other students in Biochemistry modules, as well as Biochemistry faculty and researchers. We also provide extensive resources to all students taking Biochemistry courses, including review sessions, practice questions, ITR information, and a brand new Biochemistry Mentorship Program for students in Biochemistry 2280.

Presidents: Avi Petroff ( and Gerrit Stuivenberg (
Available Position(s): VP Promotions


Western One Health Club (WOHC)

WOHC is the departmentally backed club for students interested in One Health, the concept that Human, Animal and Environmental health are interdependent. We work closely with Faculty to provide many opportunities to learn about One Health through our Journal Club meetings and Lecture Series, while also providing opportunities for students to attend social events. One Health is interdisciplinary, so we welcome students of all academic backgrounds to join us.

Presidents: Dani Kilani ( and Sudiksha Singh (

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Western Undergraduate
Neuroscience Society (WUNS)

WUNS is a club for students interested in neuroscience and/or the neuroscience program. We host social events, tours of research facilities, program information sessions and an annual semi-formal dinner featuring research presentations by guest professors.

Presidents: Sarah Elmedany and Alec Mazurek (



PUGS is the undergraduate society for all students with an interest in physiology and/or pharmacology. Our main goal is to unite like-minded individuals through events like conferences, ITR sessions, faculty meet and greets, PhysPharm Survival Guide, group studying and various types of socials. Join our team to find out more, everyone is welcome!

President: HaoMing Chen ( and Karina Rego (



The Western Synthetic Biology Research Program (WSBR) is a student-led research initiative that seeks to provide fellow undergraduates a one-of-a-kind learning experience to driven and enthusiastic students in a research laboratory setting. By fostering a collaborative and friendly environment, students are liberated from the fear of failure and are equipped to explore science creatively. Our aim is to have an open laboratory space where students are provided with the resources necessary to venture out and explore the wonderful world of synthetic biology and biotechnology. Our diverse areas of actuation range from peer-led workshops, to journal club discussions, mentorship of fellow junior scientists, community outreach initiatives, to wet lab experimentation, data analysis, and troubleshooting. Students are able to acquire a wide array of soft skills, which are not only an asset to aspiring academics, but also highly marketable characteristics to those seeking to secure a position in the industry upon completion of their degree. Furthermore, through partnerships between faculty and students, Western University continues to innovate with the introduction of the new Synthetic Biology Honours Specialization program at the undergraduate and graduate levels.