Is there more to Taylor Library than just the busy main floor?

There is! G and LG floors are great for silent cubicle studying (and they’ve been renovated!), and the stacks (immediate left when you walk in the main door, then up the stairs or elevator) are nice if you want to work at large tables but still enjoy silence

Are there microwaves around campus?

Mustang Lounge (UCC) has about 6, there are 4 outside of Taylor Library in NS, and the Social Science Centre has a couple in the basement; just be prepared to wait in a bit of a line around meal times.

How do I print at the library?

Western has a new, super handy system called PaperCut ( If you go to this website and log into your student account, you can add money and print right from there. o Click ‘web print’, then ‘submit a job’, and select your printer (this will almost always be drucker\Library-Black-and-White). Then, upload your file and voilà!

 Just be careful! Colour printing costs 5 times as much as black and white! ($0.50 compared to $0.10)

It’s handy to have your own, but you can also borrow them from Taylor library or from the Science Students' Council Office (Room 108, Natural Sciences Building) for FREE (along with things like calculators, chargers and cables!) FF=rchargers+taylor

Do I have to buy a lab coat and goggles?

Yes, you can rent a locker! Fill out the form on the locker rentals page and then stop by the Science Students’ Council office to pay for your locker to have ultimate convenience all year long

Is there somewhere on campus that I can leave my stuff?

You can get between many of the buildings on campus through tunnels, it’s true. There is one between the UCC and the Social Science Centre (enter through the hallway near the bookstore), between the UCC and Weldon Library (enter beside the Optometrist), and between Natural Sciences Building and Physics and Astronomy Building (enter near NS1)

I’ve heard rumours about underground tunnels…. Is this true?

The second floor of Weldon is a common go-to, but you also have the option of booking out small rooms in quite a few different libraries. Book these in advance using this link:

Where is the best place to work on group projects/have group study sessions?

Google Maps, OnTime, LTWatch, and Transit are all great apps that can help you figure out London’s bussing system. Google Maps is great for planning vague routes, whereas the other three are better for more exact timing.

There is also a bus service between the affiliate colleges (Kings/Brescia/Huron) that is free for all Western students. This is the schedule:

How does the bus system in London work?

There are lots of hidden study spots on campus. Some of our favourites are:

  • The International and Graduate Affairs Building
    • Beside Arts & Humanities, featuring what’s basically a beautiful greenhouse and a quite murmur of students.
  • North Campus Building (NCB)
    • At the far end of the building there are huge windows that you can look out while studying and enjoying coffee and snacks from the café. 
    • There’s also more than one level. Don’t be afraid to explore!
  • Physics & Astronomy Building (PAB or PANDA)
    • There are large ceilings and lots of chairs and tables to get some studying in between classes.
  • UCC
    • There are comfy booths on the second floor if you like the muffled noise from below, or hidden cubicles on the third floor if you like less noise.
    • The best perk—so many coffee options just steps away!

I can’t study in the library. Where else can I go on campus?

How can I make sure I don’t waste my meal plan if I live in rez?

This really handy chart ( shows you where you should be every month if you don’t want to run out of money on your meal plan card before the end of the year.

Pro tip: even when you’re using your student card and it feels ‘free’, if you drink Starbucks every day, you will run out!

If you do find yourself running out of battery halfway through the day, some classrooms (NS145 and NCB101) have outlets at every seat at the back of the armrests! Otherwise, the library is always there for you.

My laptop always dies during class! What can I do?

I need specialized learning support, or want to improve my academic skills. Where can I go?

The Student Development Centre is your go-to. Their website is, and they can be found in different places around campus depending on the services you are looking for. For the most part, their resources are found beside the UCC, near the entrance to Weldon Library

Definitely, definitely yes. There are many resources on campus, and this resource guide can help you find what you’re looking for:

The Student Development Centre is a great first step. Their website is:

Student Health Services also has counselling options (located in the UCC lower level, room 11, past the Tim Hortons and down the hallway).

If you live in residence, email

Are there mental health resources on campus? What about in London?

Science Academic Counselling is located in the Western Science Centre. If you go up the stairs and in the doors that face P&B, it is on the left hand side. To get really handy and important reminders send right to your phone, text @sciac2017 to the number 780-800-7542 or follow @westernuSCIAC on Twitter.

There are also department-specific counsellors, who are usually more knowledgeable about your particular area of study (especially in your upper years, and when you’re selecting a major). Their information can be found here: rs.html

Where do I go for academic counselling?