The seven committees of Science Students' Council are composed of talented and dedicated individuals responsible for maintaining our services, from planning our events to editing our magazine (the Current). 

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Student Support committee

The Student Support Committee focuses on promoting student well-being to ultimately enhance the Western experience. This year, we’ve revamped our Wellness Wednesdays through a community-wide approach and we’ve launched a brand new campaign called the “Western Perspective Project”. We can’t wait to show you everything we have in store for this year and we hope that you enjoy our initiatives as much as we have had in planning them.

To learn about our Wellness Wednesday series or about the “Western Perspective Project”, read the respective pages under the “involvement” tab. For any questions or concerns, or if you want to provide feedback on our initiatives, feel free to email studentsupport@westernssc.ca.

 Members: Peter Garrett, Karen Michael, Maya Sheth, Noam Raiter, Dan Sequeira, Ethan Urban, Amanda McAleer, Claire Lemieux, Sarah Krause, Manny Tran, Alisha Sharma, Meghan Scott


Student Events committee

The Science Students' Council Events Committee organizes both social and academic events for students in the faculty of Science. Our events in past years have included; Discovery Week, Science Formal, speaker presentations including Bill Nye and David Suzuki, and the First Year Dance! This year, we are excited to introduce several new events to our annual agenda, including the upcoming SciQuest event on September 24th. 

The committee is comprised of a dedicated team of individuals with unique previous event experience, and we encourage anyone with a passion for events to apply to be a part of our team. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at eventsatlarge@westernssc.ca

Members: Michael Mendes, Carly Cihosky, Catherine Sun, Bhuvna Dalal, Angelina Wong, Tim Frewin, Sol Aletta, Viji Sugumar, Rainey Guo, Bamdad Tayyari, Moe Eid

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Communications committee

The Communications Committee for SSC is the loud mouth speaker of the council! Our group of photographers, graphic designers, videographers and editors make all the promotional material in SSC. Our group is also in charge of maintaining all the social media accounts and marketing.

As the advertisers of the council, we usually work alongside the dep reps and other portfolios to help get the word out on upcoming events. However, promotions isnt all that we do; we also help with creating media that highlights our awesome faculty!

If you're interested in joining our comms fam or want to ask any questions, email communicationsatlarge@westernssc.ca

Members: Lahari Basu, Rudra Pandya, Athena Zhao, Crystal Lee, Skyler, Fouzia Ahsan, Bianca Jiang, Nancy Lay, Eric St-Amand, TJ Ayoub

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Finance Committee

The Finance Committee works together in understanding and modifying the Science Council budget. As a part of this committee, you will aid in the decision-making process of approving and rejecting the various proposals received by students through the Student Group Grant.

This year, the finance committee will also work together to improve financial literacy on Council through finance seminars and roundtables.

If you have any questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you at services@westernssc.ca.

Members: Rajat Patel, Sheryl Gurajada, Vivian Xia, Hassan Ali, Ali Hadi, Nimol Toor, Sarita Sinha, Darsh Shah, Mrinal Lad, Evelyn Zheng, Priyanka Singh, Artika Pahargarh, Jimmy Yan


The current committee

The Current Committee is a group of writers, editors, videographers, designers and photographers responsible for producing the official magazine of the SSC. A primarily online publication, we tackle issues relating to the faculty of science and produce relatable content for students. Furthermore, the Current produces hard copy first year guides and other informative issues throughout the year.

Members: Michelle Zhang, Arthur Leung, Noah Varghese, Crystal Valdez, Michael Chan, Atena Bazargan, Rasa Eskandari, Tabassum Khan, Aisha Ali, Muskaandeep Brar, Lance Javier, Jasmine Kang, Simran Jawanda, Caroline Rodrigues, Michael Groff, Emily Qin, Lahari Basu


CHARITY committee

The Charity Committee acts as a liaison between the Science student body and the Ronald McDonald House (RMH), representing the charitable initiatives of the Science Students' Council. We support RMH in various ways, focusing our efforts on increasing students' donation of time, rather than money. We do this in two ways: the planning and execution of charitable events on Western's campus raising awareness and optional donations for RMH, as well as the promotion Science Saturday's. We engage the Science student body on a weekly basis through baking or cooking at RMH for an evening, allowing them to create a meaningful experience with friends. 

Please do not hesitate to contact the Charity Commissioners with any questions or concerns at charity@westernssc.ca

Members: Ashwin Rao, Celina Tang, Emily Huang, Erin Morris, David Wu, Jessica Look, Shubhangi Shah, Katie Aw, Amber Liu, Jay Seth, Lena Schreyer



The Research & Policy Committee (RPC) investigates issues that Western Science students are experiencing and develops solutions for these problems. The issues could range from specific areas such as textbook costs and course structure to more general areas such as work/life balance and mental health. The RPC will research how these problems have been resolved in other faculties or at other universities. Based on this research, the RPC prepares brief documents ("Policy Papers") that recommend how the issue can be improved, and works with the rest of the Science Students' Council and the UWO administration to enact change.

If you have any questions about the role of the RPC or the application process, feel free to e-mail research@westernssc.ca

Members: Ahsas Nagee, Pranjan Gandhi, Philipp Guevorguian, Carolyn Sun, Gurleen Sandhu, Maham Rehman, Evelyn Zavacky