Western Synthetic Biology Research Program (wsbr)

Luana Langlois (President) Ashmita Singh (Secretary) Kevin Zhou (Fundraising Coordinator) Andrey Petropavlovskiy (Research Coordinator) Nikita Thakkar (Membership Coordinator) Inmo Sung (Outreach Coordinator) TBD (FY representative) TBD (2ndyr representative) TBD (Director of Communications) TBD (Director of design) TBD (Junior Coordinators)



The Western Synthetic Biology Research Program (WSBR) is a student-led research initiative that seeks to provide fellow undergraduates a one-of-a-kind learning experience to driven and enthusiastic students in a research laboratory setting. By fostering a collaborative and friendly environment, students are liberated from the fear of failure and are equipped to explore science creatively. Our aim is to have an open laboratory space where students are provided with the resources necessary to venture out and explore the wonderful world of synthetic biology and biotechnology. Our diverse areas of actuation range from peer-led workshops, to journal club discussions, mentorship of fellow junior scientists, community outreach initiatives, to wet lab experimentation, data analysis, and troubleshooting. Students are able to acquire a wide array of soft skills, which are not only an asset to aspiring academics, but also highly marketable characteristics to those seeking to secure a position in the industry upon completion of their degree. Furthermore, through partnerships between faculty and students, Western University continues to innovate with the introduction of the new Synthetic Biology Honours Specialization program at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

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