57, the number that took my first-year hopes and dreams. Around this time in my first year I got back my Calc 1000 mark. I knew it was going to be bad, I treated it like a high school course and through no one’s fault but my own didn’t learn the content or put effort into it. Still, a 57 took away all my hopes of Ivey, it put me under the requirement for my science module, it made me feel like I was a failure. For 18 years I had worked my way up to this point and I had let myself down, I let my parents down and I felt like would never be the person that I thought I would.

I encourage you to read all of the stories from the page. Especially their first feature from @Mitch Pratt talking about expectations. I wholeheartedly agree that expectations are what bring about failures. The expectations that I put on myself were rushed. I came into Western in the Sciences because that’s what my high school had pushed on me. I thought medicine was the only route because I had never really been exposed to the hands-on side of scientific research or the deep math of physics. I never even considered the other possibilities for myself until I failed. That 57 caused me to look at my life and the goals that I had set for myself and realize that they had changed, so I decided to change too. I took interest in the social sciences, specifically economics and politics, I started getting involved in areas that I had never been before, I stopped trying to plan my life and just started trying to do my best.

I had to fail to take the time to re-evaluate my life, but you can do it before that. Ask yourself if you are doing what you want to be doing. Are you in your program because you want to be or because something unfairly influenced you to be? Have you explored all your interests? Do you feel like you are living for you or just the expectations that you put on yourself? If you can go through life doing your best at whatever you choose to do and go to sleep happy every night you can get over any failure that life throws in your way.