Biology Undergraduate Society (BUGS)

Ashlee Hogan (Co-president) Gabrielle Hatten (Co-president) Farshad Murtada (VP Outreach) Mengxi Sun (VP Fundraising) Anthony Piro (VP Finance) Dursa Koshkebaghi (VP Academic) Samantha Li (VP Promo-Ops) Alice Zheng (VP Promo-Ops) Dorisa Meng (VP Web Admin) Adam Jaremek (VP Admin) Poojan Brahmbhatt (VP Events)



BUGS is a student-run, department-backed organization at Western whose main goal is to bridge the divide between student and faculty. We offer students membership into one of the largest and most important student-run organizations at Western. If you’re a student taking courses offered by the biology department, or even courses offered in the medical sciences, we have much to offer you. From information sessions, to tours of high-tech facilities on campus, to MCAT help and opportunities to take leadership roles, BUGS is an organization that will help you get the most out of your time as an undergraduate student at Western.


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