Brianna Ananthan


Back when I was starting undergrad I knew I wanted to get involved in the Western community right away. At Clubs Week, I found one that I was really excited about. I was so enthusiastic to sign up and of course when the opportunity arose to apply for a leadership position, I was eager. Not having much experience with interviews I didn’t really know what to expect. So the interview day comes and I’m a mix of nerves and anticipation. But when it finally came time for the interview, my mind went blank. Every time I was asked a question, I just couldn’t think of an answer. And this went on for the whole time. Well I didn’t end up getting the position I had wanted, and I was so disappointed in myself. Was this really how I was going to start off university? I was starting off with a failure like this? I was so embarrassed. I had these high expectations for myself and I didn’t live up to them.

What I’ve learned since then is to find opportunity in whatever life throws at us. I ended up getting an offer for a different position with the club. Although not the one I had originally hoped for, I was still able to get involved with a club that I enjoyed being a part of and whose goals aligned with mine. Initially hesitant to talk to the interviewers I had embarrassed myself in front of, I was immediately accepted as a member of the team, met with warmth and open arms. What I realized is that there’s support all around us. I was so grateful. Things may not always turn out how we expect, but if we stay open-minded we may just find that our greatest lessons learned and most enjoyable experiences are embedded in our perceived failures.