Western Biochemistry Club (wbc)

Megan DeWeerd (President), Montana Hackett (President), Vanessa Lin (VP Promotions), Dhanisa Modi (VP Finance), Angelina Wong (VP Events), Gerrit Stuivenberg (VP Events), Benjamin Martinez (VP Academic- 3rd Year), Mike Ge (VP Academic - 3rd Year), Amalie Saab (VP Academic - 4th Year), Venket Ravivarma (VP Academic - 4th Year), TBD (2nd Year Representative)



Western Biochemistry Club is an organization for all students interested in Biochemistry. We provide many formal and informal opportunities to learn more about this exciting field and connect with other students in Biochemistry modules, as well as Biochemistry faculty and researchers. We also provide extensive resources to all students taking Biochemistry courses, including review sessions, practice questions, ITR information, and a brand new Biochemistry Mentorship Program for students in Biochemistry 2280.


Follow them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WesternBiochemistryClub/

Contact them: mdeweerd@uwo.ca, mhacket2@uwo.ca or westernbiochemistryclub@gmail.com