Western Biochemistry Club (wbc)


Gerrit Stuivenberg & Avi Petroff (Co-Presidents), TBD (VP Promotions), Alexandra Robins (VP Finance), Yasal Rajapaska & Madison McAvoy (VP Events), Rebecca Lau (VP Communications), Lauren Elkada & Keith Wood (VP Academic (4th Year), Caitlynn Mirabelli (VP Mentorship), Vakkachen Joe (2nd Year Representative).



WBC is a student-run, department-backed organization at Western whose main goal is to enrich the student experience with biochemistry. We offer students membership into one of the most incredible and life-changing student-run organizations at Western. If you’re a student taking courses offered by the Biochemistry Department, or even courses offered in the medical sciences, we encourage you to check out club out. You can even take part in the Biochemistry Mentorship Program (BCMP) which aims at easing the Biochemistry 2280/2288 experience for second year science students. Whether you want to experience a dipole moment or are just here for good bonding time, come check out the best biochemistry experience Western has to offer!

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